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Yoga for all ages 
and abilities
Feel good, flexible and alive


Yoga classes every Monday, Wednesday( morning and evening) and Thursday at Manor Mills  Gymboree Maynooth. General Hatha Classes focusing on Breathwork, Posture Alignment, Body Awareness, Stretching Asanas and Relaxation for beginners and mixed ability.

Restorative yoga,slow gentle movement with attention focusing on breathing, supported postures( using cushions blankets  bolsters)  yin yoga and somatics..deep relaxation and mindfulness….
Yoga is a system of physical and mental discipline which originated in India over 2000 years ago.The word Yoga comes from the Sanscrit word meaning to yoke to unite or to integrate. Yoga teaches us to balance and integrate our physical, mental and emotional states.We do this by tuning into our physical bodies using exercise, postures and alignment,our breath by sensing the body breathing and exercises to expand and control our breathing and awareness or mindfulness by focusing on what we are doing throughout the practise.We develop healthy fit bodies and quiet steady minds leading to a more creative and fulfilling life.
Yoga for all ages 
and abilities